Monday, February 16, 2009

I'm Sold

You can learn so much from blogging. I just followed some links to this kitchen designed by Nancy Fishelson. I have this one in my tear sheets - and have used it for inspiration for more then one project. (does it look familiar Melissa J.?). I never knew who the designer was or where it was located until I went to Nancy's website.

Turns out that the property, Rosebush Farm located in Litchfield County, Connecticut, is currently under contract AND there was a moving/estate sale earlier this month. THIS is why I miss living in Connecticut. You know I would have been at that sale just to tour the property- all 20 acres.

After studying it over and over I concluded that what I love about the design is the lack of upper cabinets and the abundance of windows, white cabinets and AWESOME looking counter tops.

The counter tops are a material called Fireslate. When I looked into it for my own home I was warned by several bloggers and even the manufacture that it develops a patina over the years. That is code for "looks dirty" in my book so I decided against it. It comes across as a warm grey color in this photo, which is so soft and different from soapstone. When I got my hands on some samples from Fireslate I was disappointed. There was a grey and a black but they didn't come across as the same color. Melissa J. ended up using a warm grey Quartz in her kitchen that really captured the same look and feel as this kitchen.

This home makes me miss all of the wonderful things about living on the east coast. Speaking of which, there is one other thing that makes this kitchen great. Check out the view out the window.


lindsay said...

oh-man...Someday B. I would've never thought to not do upper cabinets. Cool idea.

Willow Decor: said...

What a gorgeous kitchen! I have soapstone and doesn't come across as black as you would think. I oil mine and it has grey green undertones and it is lovely. But with out oil it is a pretty gray.


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