Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I have had four people ask me about fireplaces this week. I think it is a sign that I need to finish mine! or at least post something about them. Like I mentioned before, all of the fireplace designs that I have on file for my house seem to be the same design over and over again. At least I am consistent. They have a slate slab surround with a simple mantel painted white.

I like this fireplace a lot and plan to do something very similar only in white instead of black. It comes across as a pretty straightforward mantel but actually has quite a bit of dimension to it which is what I like about it.

Better Homes and Gardens
Here is another great design with little yellow glass tiles in a brick pattern with a simple white mantel. The color is playful and fun but can also be taken seriously.

I know it is blurry but look past the pumpkin to the fireplace. Simple - white -mantel hmmmmmm.

Tricia Foley
I think the surround on this one is concrete. It is so masculine and refined. I think it looks like leather. If only I didn't have such a bad experience with my concrete floors in my laundry room, I might go for this.

This is one of my friend's mantels. We didn't even straighten up or shut the cupboards for the photo. woops. The surround is tumbled brick tiles.

I took this picture home and drew-up an even simpler, chunkier design to go with the rock in my last home.

The scale was perfect for the room and is still one of my favorite parts of the house.


Cedar Roots said...

Now I need a chunky white mantle. Thanks, another great set of inspiration photos.

ejrowsell said...

Yeah, I liked that one too....

Willow Decor: said...

I really love the black one - I'm just drawn to the black in the room I guess

rebecca said...

OOOHHH I kindof liked the concrete one. Maybe I will show that to Tom. So many decisions. I know I am going crazy when I tell someone my number and it is totally wrong. I called Silver star back and told him my correct number (the one you gave me) and he said "wow, you were totally off"

lindsay said...

Oh---seeing your old fireplace is so fun, sweet nostalgia....I loved the yellow tiles. what a fun color.

splendid said...



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