Monday, December 29, 2008

Stacks & Stacks

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I love my magazine subscriptions. I currently have subscriptions to Country Living, Country Home, Cottage Living, Better Homes and Gardens, Real Simple and Home Companion. I had to laugh at myself during one of my interior design classes a few years ago. My instructor passed out a list of recommended subscriptions and none of mine were even mentioned. OK so I am not that sophisticated but I have had those forever and I love them. Over the years I have developed this little system to keep track of great ideas in my magazines and it has worked really well.

  • Never throw away Christmas issues - they are fun to come back to year after year. What you dismissed one year may be the perfect project another year. Keep the issues packed away with your decorations and they will be a welcome surprize next year.
  • Once you are tired of an issue (all other months besides Dec.) - go through it one more time and tear out the photos and articles that appeal to you or that you think you would like to reference later. Then THROW AWAY the rest of the magazine.
  • Put each page in a page protector and then into a binder. I used to categorize Kitchen/living room/bathrooms/. But now I just stick them in the binder. If I make it too complicated I will never do it. Interestingly- they are never really hard to find when I go back.
When you are ready to start a project these binders become your most valuable resource because they compile all of the things you like. You will begin to see common threads and understand your personal style better. Lately I have been tearing out fireplaces that I like. When I look at all the sheets together it is funny because every single one is the same -


The Kent and Jennifer Wilcox Family said...

So what were the mags rrecommended?Probably the ones that cost $10 per issue at Barnes and Noble! Oh well, at least you know what you like...and it works! You have great taste!

Bethany said...

Elle Decor, Architectural Digest, and Veranda were a few. I just got word that Cottage Living is no longer being printed so maybe I will add on e of those in its place.


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