Monday, November 24, 2008

Pet Calendar

Give a twist on the old family photo calendar using classic pet photos.

Many of you have probably created something like this before using your family photos with a company like, or to print them in calendar format.

I received a Pet Calendar from my friend, Kim, three years ago - featuring her three dogs and lots of great doggy quotes. It was so much fun that I had to copy. So last year I put together a Pet Calendar for my siblings and cousins featuring all of our family pets. I sent one to Kim too, hoping that imitation was the greatest form of flattery.

I like this idea because it puts an original spin on a gift that you may have already given. I am sure there are a thousand other ways to make those custom calendars more original. How about nature photos from 12 local hikes (directions and details about the hike included)? Or 12 of your best recipes with delicious mouth watering photos? Your kids could even come up with their own theme and give them to friends.

OK so this takes some time and prep-work. In the case of the Pet Calendar, I started collecting photos in July (that is really the hard part) and created/purchased the calendar in October when gives 50% off. Each calendar was about $10 and I had 15 gifts ready to go before Halloween.

If this is too overwhelming for this year, keep it in the back of your mind for next year. It is something really fun and simple to work on in the fall. Not so much fun when you are frazzled and stressed during the holidays.

Any more ideas for an original photo calendar?

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Margo said...

I adore your blog. You have some of the greatest ideas. Keep them coming. Love ya.


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