Friday, August 8, 2008

Post-Project Depression

It is inevitable. After a big project, such as building or remodeling a house, one must feel a little bit (if not a lot) let down when it is near completion. I think that there are a number of factors that play into this and hopefully, if you are in this situation, reading this might prepare you and thus help you to avoid the Post-Project Depression. Having done this before, I knew it was coming. Once I recognized the symptoms - it was easier to get through.

  1. you have been on an emotional roller coaster for the last 6-9 months
  2. your home may still need a lot of work and that is disappointing. You in visioned moving into a perfectly completed house, right?
  3. there are probably a couple of sub-contractors still working in your home all day every day and they tell really long stories. Sigh.
  4. perhaps you ran out of money and are not able to purchase new furniture and complete bedroom linens like you planned.
  5. you spent a lot more money then you thought, bummer.
  6. there are a couple of decisions you regret and it just kills you to think that YOU did this to yourself, not the previous owner.
  7. Your expectations were so high, you worked so hard, you spent so much money - you wonder how this could be worth it?
  8. it takes a lot longer to move in, furnish, and decorate a home then you thought it would.
  9. you wonder why you feel bad when you have a NEW HOUSE. You must be crazy.
If you recognize these symptoms, be patient, it will pass faster than you think. You are not crazy.
If you are a veteran builder/remodeler please feel free to add to this list. I think it helps to hear other people's experiences and realize that you are not alone.


Church Fam said...

I need to see some pictures, it's killing me, what does the house look like!

kristengus said...

And so, with the post-building-depression which is NOT covered under our medical plan, WHY should we build??????? Oh, yeah, because your home looks totally fabulous and I want it!! That bath is so sweet. Dig the armoire- it is the best!


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