Sunday, July 27, 2008

Small Spaces

My Grandmother's home - A great example of small cozy spaces.

I loved this post on Mrs. Blanding's blog. She rencely took a tour of a friends home and posted photos. Commenting about the family room she said, "Sutherland is so glad they updated the kitchen but did not "blow out" the back as many had suggested. She reports that her husband comes home to sit in the same spot every night. The lesson learned was that people do gravitate to small spaces and the soaring ceilings and masses of square footage do not translate to more."

This is certainly true for me right now. I find that smaller more human scaled rooms are most comfortable and present fewer design challenges. As a kid, I lived in a large home with almost every main floor room vaulted. I learned early on that the "great rooms" weren't always that great because they required so many large scale pieces in order to make them feel cozy. We always joked that our home worked better for 100 people then it did for six.

I am really glad that we did not add square footage to this home. I love the spaces right now and I am looking forward to decorating them with easy simple pieces.

Do you think that Mrs. Blandings is right?


pve design said...

yes, love homes that are real and not bowling alley hallways or blown out kitchens. love open and inviting homes and rooms that speak to the hear.
I love Mrs.Blandings style and her open door tours.

Sarah said...

I could not agree more!! I love my little rooms (closets would be nice though:))


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