Saturday, June 7, 2008

Striking Out!

BHG Kitchen and Bath Ideas Jan/Feb 2006

Just thought I would give you an update on my tile nightmare. Feel free to skim and just read the text in red. You will get the idea. 1. Master Bath and Basement Bath Floors (City View 12X24)- ON BACK ORDER until July 31st. Sales Person at Dal Tile worked a miracle and is having it shipped from Atlanta. Should be here Monday.
2. Master Shower and Basement Tub Surround (City View 12X12) ON BACK ORDER until June 31st. I am going to wait for it to come in. Apparently, 24 Hour Fitness in Dallas has 4000 square feet allocated so that is why I can't get this stuff anywhere. Not sure how I feel about having the same tile as 24 Hour Fitness but if you know my husband I guess it is fitting.
3. Main Bathroom Tub Surround (Pain old 3X6 subway tile in white) ON BACK ORDER until July 31st. Ordered it from another tile company. It should be here Monday. 4. Kitchen backsplash (crackle white 3X6 subway tile) ON BACK ORDER until July 31st. Need to find an alternate tile.
5. Main Bathroom Floor (limestone 18X18) Installed.
6. Master Bath tub surround (Baseboard, Crown mold, and 4X8 field tile) Only exists in my head. The last two companies that I have ordered samples from no longer make it.
7. Kitchen Backsplash accent (Neutral Mix mosaic tiles from Ann Sacks. Tile in the photo above) Haven't dared to try to order for fear they will be on back order.


Sarah said...

lol. I hope your luck changes soon!! said...

Where do you get all of your ideas?? I am in awe by how much you know about the house design stuff.
Tile is a sad story but at least you have a start... sorry to hear about it though.

rebecca said...

I am screaming for ya! I really hope it all comes together. knowing you, it will all work out great-hang in there.

Emily said...

Did you send that photo to you Ann Sacks sales person? It looks a tad bit more grey, and the one I saw in the show room, was much more toupe or tan. Just FYI.

Jennifer said...

Sorry to hear about all your bad luck! I hope your luck and the weather changes soon!


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