Thursday, April 24, 2008

Stained Concrete

Cookie Magazine May 2008

Somehow, many designs for my new house came together in my head yesterday. For one thing, I decided to use some of the materials that I love, but are not practical for my kitchen, in my laundry room.

I love stained concrete. You can see why from the photo above. Beautiful floor and kid friendly. However, I am not going to pour concrete all over my house to get the look. Too risky for resale and too expensive. Then I realized that my laundry room, being part of my new garage, will have a concrete sub-floor, making it the perfect spot to try the awesome yet risky floor. All they will have to do is stain and polish it. The best part is that it will actually be the cheapest thing I could do at $2.50 a square foot.

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ejrowsell said...

Aaron is thinking of doing this in the workout room of his monster house. It is in the basment, so the concrete is there, will hopefully, keep it cooler, and carpet can always be added later. Let us know how it goes..


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