Thursday, February 28, 2008

Looking for Real Estate?

I got to go house hunting today! One of my favorite friends, Rebecca, is looking for a new home and somehow I got to go along and preview a couple of them. Of course, I was judging each home based on it's proximity to ME. Rebecca had a few other criteria but who can blame her.

If you haven't already stumbled across the Windermere Real Estate Web Site. You should really check it out. It is my favorite way to look at properties on the market because, unlike other websites, you can search with a Google map. The little flags indicate that there is a house for sale right there and if you mouse over or click on the flag, you get more information about home. Because Salt Lake is so "patchy", it makes finding homes for sale on the better streets a lot easier.

Another feature I love is the saved searches and daily emails. If you set up a user account you can create a favorite search based on your search criteria. That could be: price, neighborhood, style, number of bedrooms, or even acreage. Mine is everything on the market between certain streets. Then if you sign up for the daily emails they will email you everything that was listed for sale within your search criteria each day.

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Kat said...

ooh thanks for the tip on home sites. I've been using Remax but I like the Windermere better. (By the way I'm Rebecca's cousin and Alyssa Hollberg's sis-in-law)


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